Why Renting a Handbag is Affordable than Buying- Here are Reasons Why!

Renting handbags is slowly picking up steam among Australia’s most fashionable. Women now have a broader understanding of how to look stylish without breaking the bank. Renting handbags is for every woman; from women who love elegant and minimalistic bags or lavish designer handbags from the hottest designer house. Accessorizing with beautiful handbags are not limited to the rich and famous, thanks to companies like The Bag Vault that rent designer handbags at very competitive rates in Australia.

If you are still undecided with the concept of handbag rental, we have listed down some advantages of this type of service down below:

  • You want to use the handbag, but don’t want to buy it altogether

If you have a special occasion to attend such as a wedding, birthday party, or a corporate event, you want to look your best. You already invested on the dress, but don’t have enough funds to buy a handbag for the event. You can still rent a limited edition, designer handbag for this occasion, so you can look your best without breaking the bank. With our services at Bag Vault, you can rent a handbag for a short period and then return it after the event.

  • The handbag you want is more than what you can afford

Handbags are fashionable pieces that complete a look. And in some cases, a handbag is not only a fashion statement, but a status symbol, too. If you want to accessorize your look with designer handbags without having to pay an arm and a leg for them, renting from The Bag Vault is a great option.

For many, buying designer handbags is a luxury. For those who are earning enough and do not have disposable income, renting handbags can still give you a chic and elegant vibe when you go out for social events and special occasions.

  • Rent before you buy

Buying a designer handbag is considered an investment. To ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, test driving the handbag of your choice is recommended.

Renting from a reliable rental source such as The Bag Vault lets you experience the handbag you want; from its aesthetics, practicality, comfort, and functionality. You can test all these factors which will in turn help you determine if it’s the right handbag to invest your money on.

  • Limited availability 

Luxury handbags are not made in the assembly line. A lot of these expensive designer handbags are even handmade and their materials are very limited numbers. If the handbag you want is limited edition or out of season, renting is the best way to experience it first-hand.

  • Eliminates long-term maintenance costs 

Care and maintenance of luxury handbags are tedious and costly. To maintain its excellent condition, you need to send it to professionals for a gentle but thorough clean.

If you rent a handbag, you don’t have to think about long-term costs and maintenance. But of course, during your rental period, you need to make sure that you use it with utmost care and respect.

If you have a collection of quality handbags, you need to make sure that they are in good condition even when not in use. Long-term care and maintenance can be costly. By renting a handbag, you simply use the handbag for a short period. If you rent a handbag from us, we will be taking care of cleaning and maintenance before the bags are delivered to other clients.

  • No need for down payment

For rent-to-buy handbags, the supplier will ask you to provide them a down payment – still a large amount of money, especially if you are buying designer handbags.

When you rent from The Bag Vault, all you need to pay is the rental fee. You are essentially paying for the days that the handbag is in your possession. It eliminates the need to pay a large sum of cash upfront for a bag that you will own in the future.

Down payments for luxury handbags are quite expensive. For instance, a down payment for an iconic luxury tote may cost twice the money you pay for renting the same tote for up to two months.

  • Fixed Pricing

Handbags for rent have fixed rental prices, so you don’t have to worry about going over your budget. If you want to rent a handbag, all you have to do is check for their prices and then inquire about the total cost of rental for how many days you choose to use it.

The designer handbag industry can be quite volatile. Since the majority of designer handbags are being sold by resellers, that increases the price tag. This is especially true for limited edition bags.

In addition to paying a full price when you purchase a handbag, you simply don’t know how much you are paying due to the limited and exclusive nature of these rare eye candies.

  • Luxurious flexibility

When you rent handbags from The Bag Vault, you can choose from a wide array of designer handbags. And since you are paying a fraction of the price when you rent, it gives you the opportunity to rent all your dream bags for various events and occasions.

Renting handbags satisfies your bag addiction without having to spend a lot of money each time.

  • You don’t have to break the bank!

Renting handbags allows you to set aside a fixed budget for your bag addiction. If you are on a tight budget, you get access to exotic and limited-edition pieces without wiping out your savings.

If you have a lot of handbags but don’t want to pay in full to wear a brand-new design, you can rent them to experience them first-hand. You don’t need to own the handbags, especially if you are only planning to use them once or twice a year. It is more economical to rent than purchase handbags in this case.

You can budget your money efficiently whilst enjoying the style and glamour of accessorising your wardrobe with beautiful and elegant bags.

There are many reasons why you should opt to rent handbags rather than buying them. Even those who have money to purchase handbags are starting to appreciate bag rental services as they add more variety to their style.

The Bag Vault offers the finest collection of designer handbags for hire in NSW. Rent your dream handbag by clicking here! For enquiries, you may call us on 0487 874 553 today.

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