Why hire a bag over purchasing?

Everyone owns a bag! (Bought or received). People, ladies precisely, buy bags for several reasons- Some simply have a flair for luxury and thus make it a priority, some see it as an additional asset, and for others, maybe to serve its numerous functions.

There’s this sense of guilt or regret that sometimes sting us on realizing the huge portion of income spent on acquiring a bag- We just want to rock every designer… Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Fendi, the list is endless. For ladies who are true to a particular designer, there are still different bags that serve different purposes. From work to casual outings and special occasions, we cannot get enough of bags.

You know what that means? You have to be super rich or work so hard to increase your income. Astounding! It only gets worse for many who cannot lay hold on such affluence, yet love the world of luxury. What’s the way out? – Hire than Purchase!

You’ll start to presume that the major benefit of hiring a bag over purchasing one, just like any other item, is the fact that it helps reduce your spending. Well, it’s true! Rather than save so much just to spend all on purchasing bags, hiring allows for you to allocate fund to other significant areas. You were right after all. It’ll only surprise you to know that there are many other interesting reasons for which ladies of this generation hire bags.

Creating an impression: You know handbags are a part of your looks. They tell people who you are. The stylish ladies with a restricted budget will rather hire to keep their stylish impression, than divert their income to spontaneous purchases.

Having several bags for all occasions: With the solution of hiring bags, ladies are able to carry different bags for different occasions. You get the ecstasy? Why wouldn’t they hire?

The stress of maintenance: Ever thought of the stress of maintaining your wardrobe furniture or closet when you have it filled with bags? Not just bags… many of them have not been used in a long while and you just have to clean. After all, they’re all yours, it cost so much to get them. (It’s still hiring versus purchasing.)

Maintaining a good space: It’s not enough to find yourself in a closet clean out crisis. Many ladies don’t even have such large closet space to store all the bags they’ll ever purchase. Should that be a barrier to the fun in carrying several bags? Oh no!

Re-selling: You know, being obsessed with bags come with so much stress. Some end up re-selling some of their bags because they’re beginning to become hoarders. (Lol). So, rather than go through the arguments that come with price negotiation, depreciation rates etc, there’s a hire option.

The envy problem: Ladies could be so envious? (Many nod in the affirmative). With the solution of hiring bags, we take on so easily, that celebrity look we’ve always desired.

A wrong purchase: Perhaps you bought a bag. Your new designer bag that initially looked so great. Much later, you realize buying that particular bag was a wrong idea. It’s even worse when such bag is pretty expensive. (Oh heavens!) There you are wondering why you even bought it… It’s probably the bag in vogue. Well, many fall prey to this problem of a wrong purchase- the reason for the resolve to hire instead of going wrong in purchasing.

Hiring is discounted: Being handbag-obsessed is quite costly. Many online sites that offer bag rentals give awesome discounts.

Carry function: Although, this might not sound like it. But, truth is, many bags with a good carry function are not so desirable. Also, not everyone has a bag with a good carry function. Considering the plastic shopping bags for instance, their functional purpose is kind of rare. So, in times when you need to go shopping for quite a number of groceries, you could hire a plastic tote bag. (Sounds weird!) That’s actually one reason ladies hire bags.

Now you see why many would rather hire bags than purchase them. There are so many benefits you wouldn’t have thought of. For ladies who are handbag-obsessed, hiring is a better option. It saves you a whole lot!

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