1. Click on Vendor Registration
2. Enter your desired username and valid email. The system will send a verification code to your email within 3 minutes.
3. Input the verification code.
4. Fill our the remaining information and click on Register.
5. Approval takes 24-48 hours from the time of submission. You will receive a confirmation email once your Vendor Registration has been approved.

Once your vendor application has been approved.  You can login to the site and navigate to Vendor Registration > STORE MANAGER

The Bag Vault currently allows selling of simple, variable and bookable product.

  1. Login as Vendor and go to Store Manager.
  2. Go to Products > Add New
  3. Select the type of products you want to sell.
  4. Fill out all the details (Make sure that you put a value in every field and the product images are uploaded.
  5. Click on Submit For Review once done.
  6. Once the product has been approved, you will get a notification.

Vendor Dashboard Overview
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