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We offer an easy way to rent out your own designer luxury handbag.

To start, simply fill out our online Submission Form, attach photos, add a description of the Handbag with any other information you would like to add, a receipt/authentication certificate along with how much you’re thinking of renting out the item for. Our team will review your submission and send you an email letting you know if your handbag has been approved to be added to our Rental List as well as any other information we feel we need to send you.

Once accepted, we will organise to pick up your item, and ask for your payment details. After a final inspection and approval, your handbag will be added within the week to our Rental List. If and when your handbag get’s Rented, We will notify you of the Rental dates and payment to your account will be made within 24hrs. The Bag Vault does take a percantage of your rental price as we charge a service fee for each rental that is booked.

You are able to keep your handbag with you if you wish although it would be easier for potential rental’s if The Bag Vault has the handbag ready to be shipped out to the customer as soon as possible. If we are not able to contact you after a booking on your handbag is made, we may remove your handbag from our Rental List and no longer work with you.


We Care About Authentication

We take Authentication very seriously and deal exclusively with
authentic styles. We will not accept anything that is NOT authentic.

Here is a list of Handbag Designer’s we are currently accepting:

Balenciaga Bottega Veneta Celine Chanel Dior Fendi Givenchy Goyard Gucci Hermes Louis Vuitton Prada Saint Laurent Valentino Versace


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