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Every woman deserves to feel confident and beautiful, regardless of where she’s from, what she does or how she looks. Unfortunately, however, the majority of women have found luxurious living to be out of bounds and more of a dream.

Good news! The Bag Vault is where dream meets reality as far as luxury handbags are concerned. We grant women access to the bags that they desire and deserve for token prices. Both locally and internationally sourced designer and statement handbags are now available to you at a price that’ll be sure to leave a smile on your face.

You no longer need to purchase a new handbag for every occasion or even use any bag more than once. And what’s more? You can be sure that you’re making the greenest fashion choice with each bag you hire.

Our pieces are handpicked from the biggest names in the business. From Chanel to Prada to Gucci to Louis Vuitton to Christian Dior to Valentino to Hermes – you name your dream brands, we’ve got them all. We’ve also worked hard to create a rental process that is seamless and completely convenient, providing you with lavish class at the most remarkably affordable prices.

You can access our vault on the go via your mobile device, and you get to keep each piece for at least three days. This is the kind of classy convenience that you deserve, beautiful woman.

Ultimately, our aim is to empower the modern woman by granting her access to the crème de la crème of fashion without the liability of ownership. We’re building a sustainable and sophisticated handbag wardrobe of that all women can share and enjoy, and we invite you to hop on to this train of limitlessness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should your Bag Vault rental not meet your expectations, you may return the handbag based on The Bag Vault return policies found here.

For any refunds for returned items, please allow 5-7 business days after the item has arrived at The Bag Vault for us to inspect and process the return. Following inspection and processing, a refund will be issued.

Rental items are new and in like-new condition. There should only be minor signs of wear and tear if any. Each item is cleaned and inspected before it is rented again to a new customer.

Please notify us if your item does not meet the standards, by emailing us at

All items need to be returned to the office location you picked the item up from. Easy peasy!

We know that some normal wear and tear may be inevitable, although significant damage and theft aren’t covered under the insurance. If the handbag is damaged beyond repair or never returned, the fee is the retail price of the handbag plus the rental fee and less any prepaid security deposit if applicable. Please take a few minutes to read The Bag Vault’s Terms and Conditions

You are responsible for the handbag as soon at it is in your hands, so please take care of it as if it was your own. You are responsible if the handbag is stolen or lost and you are required to pay the full retail price of the handbag plus the rental fee less any prepaid security deposit. Please take a few minutes to read through The Bag Vault’s Rental Agreement.

Renting through The Bag Vault’s Website:

All you have to do is browse through our available handbags, find your match then register to become a member, make an account, follow the checkout process, choose a delivery and return date and pick your rental period.

The Handbag you choose will be delivered to your door on the first day of your hire date. Your order will be delivered by Australia Post.

Return the handbag in its original packaging in the pre paid satchel we give you. Just drop it over the counter at any NSW Australia Post by 12pm on your return date.

Renting from our viewing location:
All you have to do is browse through our available handbags, find your match then register to become a member, we make an account for you, choose a delivery and return date and pick your rental period. Then off you go! The day of your rental return just come and drop it off back at our viewing location.

To rent from The Bag Vault you will need to create an account, but don’t worry it doesn’t take long and by doing this you can track your order, review your history, add items to your wishlist, submit reviews on your previous rentals and save your address along with other details so you can rent even quicker next time. Yay!

At The Bag Vault, we take your privacy very seriously. We do not store credit card numbers or share any of your information to third parties. You can view our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we keep your information private.

The Bag Vault currently has 3 different types of rental periods, 3 days, 7 days and one month. Although as long as you have a good history with us, there is no time limit for renting, you can keep the handbag as long as you want. Your credit card will automatically be charged 48hrs after the end of your rental period to allow for the return of your handbag if you do not call to tell us you wanted to extend. Your rental period begins the day you receive the handbag, if you rent a handbag for three days you will receive an email on the second day to remind you that your rental is due back the following day.

At this time, The Bag Vault only allows 1 rental at a time per customer.

Your credit card will be charged when you checkout pending all correct documentation has been uploaded.

Insurance for normal wear and tear is included in the normal rental fee, although if significant damage has occurred or if it has been stolen, this is not included in the rental fee. If the Handbag has been damaged beyond repair or never returned – the fee is the retail value of the item. If the item has been damaged beyond repair or stolen you must contact The Bag Vault immediately.

Under no circumstances are you to attempt to repair this item – if you do you will be charged the full retail price of the item. If the repairs of the handbag are beyond the expiration date of the items end of rental date you will be charged the rental fee until the item has been completely restored and can be rented again.

Examples of significant damage are gouges and scuffs to the outside of the handbag, hardware and accessories of the handbag, stains on the exterior, interior (ink, denim, makeup etc) and gouges on the inside of the handbag. If the item has been found to be replaced with a replica or a different bag you will be charged the full retail price of the item and your information may be sent to the relevant authorities.

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