Micro Designer Handbag’s – Which ones are Trending and Why?

Quite many truths in life exist that are hard to swallow!    Standing tall amongst those truths is the luxury of obtaining pint-sized items! Like, how can a little piece of diamond that looks like something you can chew up in five seconds be worth up to two estates in the United States? Or who understands why for a painting with a little bit of pink here and blue there, people are willing to pay as much money as can be used to stuff a house with groceries enough for 30 years?

Well, well, well! The truth is these little things usually hold in them inestimable value. It takes twice the effort to make something tinier than the usual(which is the irony) because precision and accuracy are at the forefront. Micro designer handbags are no exception, but in fact, items that require maximum respect.

So what micro designer handbags are trending, and for what reason?

  • Jil Sander Bracelet Bag: The word bag on its own gets the attention of any and every girl on earth, and when you pronounce the noun ‘bracelet’, any lady around would be interested! Now those words are the key to one particular accessory! Definitely, the Jill Sander bag is a bag that speaks of sophistication and one that any girl would love.


  • Valentino Bucket Bag: Yes, just like how a bucket has the capacity to contain a number of things, the Valentino Bucket Bag is one of the most spacious micro designer handbags you can find. The bag comes with a long leather string and drawstring closures, and when the drawstring is released, a lot can fit it than expected.


  • Giambattista Valli Mot D’amour Bag: You know, there is this impression we have on brands that don’t have English names. Whether it is Spanish, French or Russian, you get curious and drawn, even though for the life of you, you have no idea what it means.

Well, the Giambattista Valli Mot D’amour Bag resembles an envelope, and comes with a single or double silver-tone stud, as well as an adjustable strap. The uniqueness and adorableness of this bag is enough reason for it to trend.


  • Jacquemus LeMini Chiquito: Ah, yes, Jacquemus LeMini Chiquito (Remember the thing about brands with foreign names?) While we may not know how to give a lecture on the ‘The law of Thermodynamics’ or ‘The Pythagoras theory’ in Spanish, everyone is quite familiar with the word Chiquito. Chiquito means “little ones”, and this is a micro designer handbag, so we are not surprised. Though this bag is as small as the name suggests, the concept is far from ‘Chiquito’. The bag is handcrafted in goat suede! It’s quite obvious why the bag is trending- Class and style will always prevail.


  • Brandon Maxwell B Bag- This bag right here is the micro amongst the micros, yet one of the most coveted among the bunch. This can be traced to Gigi Hadid sashay down the runway of designer Brandon Maxwell. It’s no surprise why the ‘B’ bag is one that ladies want to ‘B’ with.

You know what they say- ‘The little things count’. In the fashion world today, the little pieces don’t just matter: they are the biggest, hottest deals. Micro designer bags are so hot this season!

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