How to Protect Your Rental Handbag from Damage?

Renting a luxury purse or a designer handbag is a great option to be able to wear the latest designs whenever you want and you can flaunt an ultra, high-end designer purse at a fraction of the price.

If you are keeping your bag collection pristine and damage-free, you should treat rental handbags and purses much the same, or in some cases, provide more care and protection for these rental items.

Before you can rent purses and bags from The Bag Vault, you are required to sign the terms and agreement, which most commonly includes how to care for their items while under your possession. There are, of course, consequences if you fail to return the bag or purse in the same condition that it was delivered to you.

In the event of damage, you may need to pay for repairs.. Typically, rental companies most commonly give customers two options in the case of damaged bags and purses.

A rental company will assess the costs of cleaning and repair. The quote will then be forwarded to you. You have an option to pay for the cleaning costs and penalty fee if there is any. The second option is to purchase the damaged bag as is.

In the second option, you will be paying for the damaged bag and pay extra for cleaning and repair. It doesn’t matter which option you choose between these two since you will be ending up a large sum of money altogether.

If you want to avoid these problems, we highly recommend that you follow these care tips for rental purses and bags:

  • Store then handbag or purse properly

Don’t be careless when you are handling a rental bag. To prevent any unwanted accident, always be conscious as to where you place them at all times. This is especially true when it comes to bag storage. Store them properly by performing the following tips:

  • Stuff the inside of the bag with acid-free tissues, so it doesn’t lose its shape.
  • If the bag you rented came with a box or dust bag, use them! They are meant to store and protect the bag from different types of damage.
  • Avoid using newspaper or any other type of material other than acid-free tissues and soft cotton tees and sweaters when filling up the bag. The ink from the newspaper can transfer on the lining of the bag- defects that can ruin the overall quality of the bag.
  • Wrap and cover chain link straps and put them inside of the bag. This is especially true if you rented a leather purse or handbag, as the rough chain can mark the leather permanently.
  • Place the rental bag in an upright position and keep it safely stored inside a sturdy but breathable dust bag. For bags with top handles, you can save them by laying them flat. This ensures that the handles do not touch the body of the bag, which may result in additional markings or that the handles may lose their original form.
  • Protecting rental handbag and purses from moisture

Rental companies typically deliver bags with silica sachets inside the bag. Silica gels absorb moisture that may be present in and on bags. You should never throw away silica gels because they are indispensable items, especially if you are using a rental bag.

Cold weather can bring dampness that can result in mold growth. To avoid this problem, you should take out the rental bag from its dust bag or box. Use a dry cloth and wipe any trace of moisture and then let it sit outside its dust bag for 24 hours.

  • How to prevent any colour transfer

Even the most expensive bags made from the finest materials can encounter colour transfer. This issue arises when a rental leather bag comes in contact with wet clothes or a slippery surface. The dye can bleed out and stain your garment or vice versa. Colour transfer may also happen if the bag features a patent leather or suede materials.

  • Staying classy and mess-free when you’re outside

Of course, you rented a bag because you will be out and about at a special event. If you are going to attend a dinner party, it is customary to place bags on the floor. But since you came with a rental bag, you need to bring a portable bag hanger where you can hang the bag. The compact bag hanger can be attached to the table, so you don’t have to worry about stepping or staining the bag altogether.

If you are using the rental bag for traveling, do not forget the dust bag, so you don’t expose the bag from dirty conveyor belts during security checks.

Other care tips:

  • If you rented a roomy bag, it is best to use a purse organiser or an insert, so it’s easier to locate your things inside. Also, purse organisers protect the lining of the bag from loose items that can cause staining, such as a pen and makeup.
  • Use cosmetic bags for liquid items such as perfume, mascara, and eyeliner pen, to name a few. Using a cosmetic bag also helps in keeping the shape of the bag.
  • If you accidentally spilled water on the bag, let it dry naturally. The water will evaporate and will not cause staining if air-dried properly.
  • Do not place food, drinks, or perishable goods inside the bag. If you leave these items inside the bag for too long, moisture and smell from foods and beverages can seep through the lining of the bag, or worse, can damage the leather, also.
  • Keep rental bags and purses out of reach of children and pets. You may be good at taking care of your bags, but accidents can happen, especially with children and pets running around the house.

Now that you know how to take care of our rental bags, it’s high-time that you go over to The Bag Vault and pick a luxurious bag for you to flaunt during this weekend’s party with friends! For other enquiries, you may call us on 0487874553 today.


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