How it Works

Find it:

Search through our website or come and browse through our viewing room to choose out of the most exclusive handbags in the world. If you’re looking for a specific occasion search via our occasions tab – we do all the hard work for you – if you’re still not sure what you like the most, pop into our inner city viewing room and choose that way, we can even give you a helping hand if you’re not sure what you like the most! No matter what occasion, the bag vault has something for you.

Reserve it:

First, set yourself up an account and become a member of the bag vault – it doesn’t take long! The Bag Vault will ask you for Valid Australian Identification and Valid Credit Card for first orders.

Choose the dates you want the handbag for (its best to choose a delivery date that is a day or two before your event), the amount of days you would like to rent it (7, 14, 21 or 28 days) then follow the simple checkout process.

When you reserve, you are accepting The Bag Vaults Terms of Service and Rental Agreement, are charged the rental fees, as well as a security deposit. The Bag Vault knows you will take great care of the handbag as if it were your own, so on safe return we will refund the deposit to you.

Wear it:

The Handbag is either directly delivered to your address or you can pick it up at our viewing location. If the handbag is shipped to you – it will be sent by Australia Post and is traceable at any time.

We offer free express shipping on all our orders, and our handbags come fully insured so don’t stress. Our handbag insurance covers most minor mishaps. 

Return it:

All shipped handbags come with a prepaid satchel, so place everything that came with the handbag back in its original box then in the prepaid satchel and drop it off over the counter at any Australia Post before 12pm on your end date! Or you can just bring it back to our viewing location. Easy peasy!

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