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Welcome to The Bag Vault's Luxury Designer Bag Borrow and Lending Service

We are the first Handbag Rental Service that offers both lending and borrowing options, you can easily create an account and upload your own designer handbag’s and lend them out to other’s. Turn your handbag’s into disposable income through The Bag Vault. Simply sign up here.


The Bag Vault is your channel to the most exclusive and latest collections luxury handbags from the world’s top designers. You don’t have to break the bank to achieve that gorgeous look or to stay trendy. We help you look classy every day, the smart way. If you don’t want to be seen using the same bag twice, you absolutely don’t have to, like the star that you are! Our online luxury designer handbag rental service is the savviest way to keep up with the latest trends in designer handbags.

It’ll interest you to know that rental is the most environmentally friendly approach to fashion. We are extremely passionate about contributing towards a greener planet, and we know that you are too. Hand-in-hand, we’ll create style that’s just as sustainable as it’s diverse. Via our online boutique, the deluxe handbags of your dreams are always within your reach with 3 Day, 7 Day & 30 Day rental options!


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Did you buy a handbag that you never use?
Don't let it waste away in your closet, sell it to
The Bag Vault! Email us photos of the item to
Hello@thebagvault.com.au with a description of
the handbag, the designer, the purchase date plus
receipt and we will contact you with a purchase price.

Membership plans

Choose Your Way To Rent a Handbag

Lending through
  • Make money with your handbag’s
  • Simply create an account here
  • Payout’s to your Bank Account
  • The only borrow and lend Handbag Service in Australia
Flexible Hire
    • Rent your favourite handbag for 3 Days, 7 Days or 30 Days
    • Borrow from different lenders around Australia
    • Upload your own items to lend here
How to
  • Send a request to book to the lender.
  • Once your booking request is accepted by the lender they will organise a drop off or delivery
  • Afterward’s simply return the item as agreed with the Lender.
Exclusive High End Designer Clothing

Labelled Designer Hire

Complete your look with Labelled Designer Hire.
Labelled Designer Hire have hand selected stunning pieces
from a range of luxury labels such as YSL, Chanel,
Gucci, and so many more. The process is seamless,
easy and provides beautiful designers items to hire
at a fraction of their original cost.

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